Builders Rebate Program

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

Here at Accu-coat Insulation we value our building contractors and the volume they bring to the table! We as a premium insulation contractor we put our money where our mouth is with the quality and availability of the best insulation materials on the market through our strategic buying relationships with the manufactures and any distributors we use. We work to buy in bulk through our contracting groups to ensure availability as well as the lowest price possible through volume negotiations on an annual and quarterly basis for some products. As always, we buy name brand highly tested materials from multibillion dollar companies who have the backing and accreditation to stand behind all the products we install! 

For the first time in our area, we are going to batt and using our buying power to give back to our dedicated group of building contractors. We want to make sure that we all succeed together, and unity is what makes a strong binder for a solid future! Together we will drive the material buying power of the whole group as well as work to ensure the next price negotiations are built on a solid demand for the lowest price possible!

As a member of our building program, we would ask that we are extended the opportunity to quote any available projects when possible. We are a very open and easy to communicate with and we never look to undercut anyone, however we always quote as we would do the work and try to be as inclusive on our bids as possible, and not rely on change orders to bring the margins up as some do. This in turn makes sure for solid budgeting as well as a very consistent and predictable scheduling as we know every item to be installed. 

We should be able to compete with anyone around, BUT there’s more than one way to skin a cat and a lower quote from someone else doesn’t always mean its lower, they may be insulating on different envelope planes that we are planning, which through proper communication we can insulate the same as anyone else. This is also affected by when some jobs are looked at as the closer to being ready. So, if you have a lower bid, please let’s look and see if there’s anything we can do to align, whether it be change brand or change to match the envelope planes of the other bid, we promise we will give it our all!

In addition to the rebate program, you are being extended special base pricing consideration in the system unit pricing for being a contractor and in the builder’s program, so the rebate is just a nice cherry on top!

We ask that as a participant in the program you keep your account in good standing and pay promptly as rebates are contingent on up-to-date billing. This will all be evaluated at the time of rebate disbursements. 

The rebate program will be administered on a quarterly basis and will be applied to your account as a credit on your account to be applied to the next job after the credit is issued. Please allow till the end of the following month of each quarter for the credit to be applied.

As with any program this is a first for us and we have high hopes to see the program excel and have great participation, the rebates will be variable rates based on the overall performance and negotiations with the manufactures and distributors, and they will be modified as they are negotiated and procured.  

As always, we appreciate your business and your relationship! 

If this is of interest, please let us know and we can set down and go over the details in person!

Sincerely, Chad Brewer – Owner

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