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Spray Foam Insulation


When you choose to invest in spray foam insulation, you’ll finally experience how comfortable it is to live in a home without hot or cold spots. It allows you to control the internal environment of your home, regardless of the extreme heat or cold outside. Along with comfort,  you will also enjoy noise reduction, better air quality, and reduced energy consumption. In fact, every barrel of spray foam we use has been made from 3,000 recycled water bottles. All of this adds up to a more comfortable, efficient home for you and your family

SWD Spray Foam
Huntsman Spray Foam Brand Family Knoxville Maryville
Gaco Spray Foam
JM Spray Foam
Gaco Spray Foam
Spray Foam WW
Genyk Spray Foam
SES Spray Foam
Rhino Spray Foam
NCFI Spray Foam


Up to 45% energy savings for the life of your home
Improved air quality
Reducing the infiltration of pollutants, allergens, and other harmful asthma triggers from entering your home
Enhancing comfort and wellness
Minimizing unwanted exterior noise
Eliminating hot and cold spots
Consistent comfort throughout your home
Air and moisture control to prevent the formation of harmful mold and mildew


In addition to energy consumption, air infiltration and exfiltration within a home contributes to almost 99% of moisture migration.

Critical Requirements for Mold Growth:
  • Available mold spores
  • Available food for mold spores
  • Appropriate temperatures
  • Considerable moisture

Restricting air movement stops moisture accumulation so that the possibility of mold growth is less likely. Combined with a properly sized HVAC system, spray foam insulation helps control the indoor humidity levels to minimize moisture and condensation. Reducing moisture and controlling humidity can also add years to the life expectancy of a home, plus contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

Retrofit Insulation

Re-insulating part, or all, of your home. Through our energy assessment, we present to you the parts of your home that require the most insulation to decrease your energy loss. Usually this involves adding spray foam insulation to your atticcrawl space(s) and/or walls.

You can also retrofit part of your home that has never had insulation. We’ll assess these areas and provide a spray foam insulation estimate to maintain a low energy use. Occasionally homeowners need a wall, ceiling or flooring insulated to prevent drafts.

New Home Insulation

Planning to build a home, or have construction already in progress? Request for a spray foam estimate once the foundation and frame have been completed. Our insulators can provide an estimate at this level of construction.

Accu-Coat Insulation has proudly served the Knoxville & Maryville communities since 2013.

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